My certifications

I'm a RRCA certified running coach, a health coach, and am currently in a certification class through SymptoPro to become a sympto-thermal fertility coach. 

my coaching vision

I’m a coach for the smart bookworm who would rather be curled up on the couch reading a book than lacing up her shoes. Because I used to be the one who chose reading over running. Now I know I can – and need – to do both.

I’m a coach for the recovering perfectionist who thinks that being a runner means you should sign up for races or run regularly. But I’ve learned that what being a runner looks like is as different as what being a human being looks like.

I’m a coach for the hopeless romantic (or even the bride-to-bewho’s learning that love doesn’t involve lofty expectations that are impossible to meet. Because my definition of love used to mean anxiety, controlling my body to fit the world, and letting others define how I looked. Running taught me to love my body, not hate it.

I’m a coach for the woman with a big heart. Every day I pour myself out for my family, my faith community, the poor and vulnerable in my city. But I finally recognized that I need to be strong and healthy before I can give back to others.

If some or all of these resonate with you, you’re my kind of gal.