Understanding People to Inspire and Inform Ministry

In order to create ministries, services and experiences that are useful, valuable and resonant, we have to understand the people for whom we're serving. This means testing our assumptions about people and asking the right questions so we know we're designing for real needs and problems. A human-centered, evidence-based approach is an investment that increases the likelihood that faith work will be successful. I strive to bring business, health and faith together in service of people. 

I think holistically. I connect the dots and bridge gaps. I see research as essential for faith communities, and a key part of innovation and ministry strategy.

I am driven by an infinite curiosity about human behavior, the excitement of solving challenging problems, and developing collaborative organizational relationships. My approach is informed by a unique mix of training in anthropology, nonprofit business models, diverse practical experience, and roles in universities, churches, and grassroots organizing contexts.

My Toolkit

Research Methods

Interviewing, observation/contextual inquiry, card sorting, group discussions, participatory research, hypothesis testing, participant recruiting, project scoping, project management, budgeting, vendor management

Business and Strategy

Market research, survey questionnaires, project proposals